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Edwin Cheung

Manager & Chiropractor

Practising for over 12 years, I graduated with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in addition to a degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences from Exeter University. During this time I have worked with a variety of sports professionals and patients from all backgrounds and fitness levels who have presented a variety of symptoms and conditions.

While I have worked with footballers, cyclists and tennis players who were competing at national level, I have enjoyed competing at university national level in tennis and am a former England field and hockey player for the under 21s.

These days, I very much enjoy teaching people to self-manage their on ongoing injuries and to enlighten them on the little details that they could change in their own lifestyles that make the world of difference. This , I can personally empathise with my previous long term injury.

I enjoy keeping myself active with routines of interval training, weight training and body weighted rehabilitation for my past injuries. I am a big believer in mind and body connection and being aware of the stresses of life’s impact on our health and I enjoy sharing what I have learnt over my years in practice with my family of three boys let alone with my clients.

George Regan

Sports Therapist

I am a Sports Therapist and studied Sports and Exercise Therapy at Southampton Solent University. This profession stood out for me because of the combination of my fascination of human biology, and my love of sports. Helping people overcome postural imbalances and injury is something that I grew a great interest in during my studies, and seeing people achieve positive change is very rewarding. I see a range of cases such as poor posture, spasm and sporting injuries but I particularly have a passion for upper body posture correction.

I have a background in football, with experience working with professionals at Sutton United FC, and football is a part of my life I thoroughly enjoy, whether it is watching or playing myself. I have had numerous injuries in the past playing football which boosted my interest in rehabilitation and helped me learn the importance of recovery.

Amelia Montague

Sports Therapist

I proudly graduated with a bachelor’s degree from St Mary’s University, specializing in Sports Rehabilitation. I have had the privilege of working alongside physiotherapists at elite level sports clubs such as: London Irish Rugby Club, Bracknell RFC & Bromley FC.

Being an elite gymnast for 10 years, I have, over the course of my career, encountered and overcome numerous challenges. My biggest hurdle is suffering from Schuurmans disease. Growing up with this condition ignited my interest in the anatomy of the spine and lower limbs. My personal journey has been shaped by the resilience required to navigate the complexities of a hereditary spinal condition, allowing me to have a deeper understanding of the physical and emotional aspect but also forge a genuine connection with clients who are undergoing similar injuries.

I have a fascination in embracing home remedies as a natural and holistic approach to promoting individual health. My focus extends to incorporating stretching and rehabilitation exercises specifically tailored to an individual’s day-to-day activities. By blending these practices, I aim to provide a well-rounded and accessible approach to enhancing overall well-being. Whether through educational initiatives or personal guidance, I am deeply passionate about utilizing my knowledge and expertise to contribute to the enhancement and overall health and wellbeing of individuals.

Through my university years and work experience I have gained specific knowledge in lower limb injuries (mainly from working within a professional football team), and lower back issues being frequent in the clinic. Having suffered previous injuries myself, such as shin splints from when I was consistently running, I look back now and wish I had looked after these properly which is why I now believe correct management of injuries is so important.

Eva Brown

Clinical Assistant

Hello, I’m Eva. I joined Optimal Health Inspired to try and put to better use the skills acquired over the years in relation to making people feel valued, listened to and supported in their journey to better health.

Jessica Roberts

Clinical Assistant

Hi, since leaving education, I have been gaining experience and searching for my passion. I started with Optimal Health Inspired, and have been so glad to be a part of such an encouraging, positive team.