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Why we understand your pain

Following a significant injury as a keen tennis player, the founder of Optimal Health Inspired, Dr Edwin Cheung knows what it is like to suffer from severe back pain and spasm, sometimes being bed bound for weeks on end. He can empathise with the suffering and frustration that this can cause.

Terrified that these episodes would continue for the rest of his life and realising that all the practitioners he had seen were solely focused on just getting him out of his short term pain, he realised that a different approach was needed.
Gradually developing his own methods to protect himself and prevent further problems from recurring, he is passionate about educating his clients on their lifestyles and overall health habits to produce lifelong improvements.

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Our approach at Optimal Health Inspired

Dr Cheung states:

In my opinion, I feel we live in a world very much focused on ‘recovery from sickness/injury,’ instead of focusing resources and efforts on prevention and progression of health to our very best!

Why wouldn’t we want to live at our best? I hope that with the
right understanding, each of us can progress to recovery but
then push forward, to a new level of optimal health.

At Optimal Health Inspired we start by treating the cause of your pain to give you relief and then guide and teach you the correct ways to protect yourself as your body heals. Through physical fitness, nutrition and the correct mindset, together with home ergonomic routines we can help prevent further problems from occurring.

As we continue to grow and move forward, we intend to take on even more dedicated health care professionals to enhance and complement our team further. Our holistic approach will be further strengthened as we appoint a psychologist and nutritionist for the clinic, reinforcing our aim to help you look after yourself.

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